Center for Academic Success

Center for Academic Success


The Center for Academic Success offers support at any Butte College location. 滚动 down for specific hours at main campus, Chico Center, and Glenn County Center.

感兴趣 in applying for a job? 向下滚动!

服务 provided include:

中科院 is closed for summer from May 27th through August 26th, 2024.

Main Campus (LRC 203)

Main Campus (LRC 203)

Finals Week Hours:
Wednesday, 5/22: 8am to 5pm
Thursday, 5/23: 8am to 5pm
Friday, 5/24: 8am to 2pm

Closed for Summer May 27 - August 26, 2024


Chico Center 中科院 (CHC 230)

Finals Week Hours:
Wednesday, 5/22: 9am to 3:00pm.
Thursday, 5/23: 9am to 3:00pm

Closed for Summer, May 24 through August 26, 2024

Glenn County Center 中科院 (GCC 113)

Glenn County Center 中科院 (GCC 113)

Finals Week Hours:
Wednesday 11am to 7pm, Thursday 12pm to 5pm.

Closed for Summer, May 24 through August 26, 2024

辅导 Students

Sign Up for 中科院服务

中科院 services are free and available to all Butte College 学生.

Each semester, 学生 are asked to enroll in EDUC 310, a free, non-graded, no-credit 登记系统.
It only takes a few minutes to register and is necessary for continued 中科院 funding.

Fall EDUC 310 section is 3273.
Spring EDUC 310 section is 3286.

皇冠新现金网 Call us at the numbers above.


关键技能 for College Success (1/2-Unit Course)

关键技能 for College Success (EDUC 10, 110, or 210) is a ½-unit course offered by 中科院 and can be added through the 9th week of each semester.

This course (EDUC 10, 110, or 210) provides individualized support aimed at increasing student success in classes.

Course Requirements

  • 3 conferences with 中科院 faculty
  • Attendance at 8 selected 关键技能 研讨会
  • Successful completion of homework assignments

感兴趣? 联系 米亚•克拉克 for permission to add.




中科院 has a variety of employment opportunities for 学生. Positions include Student Assistant, Student Tutor, Supplemental Instruction Leader, and Workshop Assistant.

Student Assistant and Workshop Assistant Requirements

  • Enrollment in at least 6 units at Butte College
  • 2.5平均绩点
  • Compatible schedule

Student Tutors and SI Leaders Requirements

  • Enrollment in at least 6 units at Butte College
  • 3.0的绩点
  • A recommendation from a Butte College Instructor
  • Compatible schedule

Want to apply to work in 中科院? Follow these steps:
1. Access the student employee application 在这里. Use "save as" to save the form to your computer.
2. 下载 Supplemental 问题 document and "save as."
3. 下载 Availability Sheet.
4. 应用ing as a Tutor or SI Leader? You'll need a faculty recommendation. 这可以 be emailed directly to Amy Hughes.
5. Send completed documents to Amy Hughes (

Returning employees please complete an availability sheet and return it to Amy to reapply.

Student Employee Timesheet

Students Learning


The Center for Academic Success (中科院) teaches skills and strategies to help 学生 become independent and active learners and achieve academic success.

我们四个 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) summarize what 学生 will ideally achieve as a result of their participation in 中科院 programs and services: 


1. Effective Use of 资源
2. Successful Application of Learning Strategies
3. Effective Use of Self-评估 Strategies
4. Retention and Success

We offer many resources in support of academic success for all current Butte College 学生. 联系 us any time to learn more!


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